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Download Pack GEP v2 (JPOG)

Modificações(em inglês)

Full Modification List

>Unlimited Park 

Increases building limitations, and removes most building restrictions on SiteB. Now updated so you can declare emergencies on SiteB
Author: The Ark

>Viewing Dome Feeder

Changes the Viewing Dome attraction, so that it now ejects dinosaur food like a dispenser
Author: DarkLord


Adds an unreleased model back into the game for your enjoyment. Although it is only aesthetic, it really creates atmosphere to your Jurassic Park! Can be found via the security menu
Author: Godzilla

>Mission Edits

Various tweaks and changes have been added to the missions to make them more challenging
Authors: Godzilla And DarkLord

>FslHunt Modification

In Operation Genesis Mode, the digsites which were made peroidically available to you depending on your star level have been revised, in an effort to make gameplay more challenging
Author: DarkLord

>Visibility Mod

The dinosaur's visiblity has been tweaked. A sleeping dinosaur isn't noticed as much by another dinosaur, unless it ventures too close.
Author: RaptorX9 


Triceratop's defensive behaviour has been revised. They no longer go on a complete killing spree, just because they've seen an approaching carnivore. They will now try and 'ward' the attacker away, by roaring and displaying their horns. If the carnivore stay's where it is, the Trike's retreat. If the attacker gets too close, they will attack.

Updated for GEPv2

Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick and Melea Lord

>Small Prey Dropping

When large carnivores are hungry, they'll swallow small prey whole. However, when they are not hungry, and only want to hunt, they will pick a small target up in their jaws, swing it from side to side and throw it onto the floor, killing it JP style!
Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick

>Knockover Modification

Usually, when hunting a medium sized opponent such as a Parasaur, large carnivores would knock it over.... then for some reason walk away waiting for it to get up. Then they would continue chasing. 
When have dinosaurs cared about attacking a downed opponent???
Now, there's a chance of a large carnivore knocking an opponent over, then striking it again while it's down, killing it instantly.

Updated for GEPv2: Large carns can now headbutt their prey to the ground and then deliver the final blow. Also, now Cerato and Alberto can deliver a killing blow too!

Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick and Melea Lord

>Large Carnivore Sniffing

Now, when a large carnivore is scavenging, and finds a dead carcass, it will sniff first, before eating. 
Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick

>Large Carn Prey and Vehicle Ramming

This modification brings a new attack to your large carnivores. They now can ram opponents with their heads. They will also ram Jeeps.
Author: Apostolos

>Reasearch Tree

A research tree has been implemented into the Operation Genesis mode. Again, this is another effect to make the gameplay more challenging, and also realistic. If you find that you can't research something, there's usually a logical reason why.
Author: DarkLord

>Pachycephalosaurus Duel Health Leech

With this modification, the loser of a Pachy duel will lose health
Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick

>TRex Upgrade, Spino Downgrade

The TRex has now taken it's rightful place at the top of the foodchain!
Author: DarkLord

>Constant ini

There have been multiple tweaks to the constant.ini file, such as starting money, and terrain presets
Author: DarkLord


The prices of nearly everything in Operation Genesis mode have been tweaked to be more realistic, while at the same time increasing game difficulty. If you're loading a saved park with this pack, make sure you reduce your pricing, or your visitors will start to leave
Author: DarkLord

>Raptor/Rex DeathDuel

One of the most popular modifications from the previous CEP packs, this modification makes a return. The actual mod adds a whole new set of interactions between your raptors, and your TRex. Rather than the raptors just running away, they will now engage in a 'duel' with the Rex.
When it approaches, they will try and warn the Rex away by barking. If it gets too close to a pack of raptors, they will attack it!

In this version, a lot of bugs have been fixed. The Rex also has a new attack. Rather than always just picking up the raptors in it's mouth, it now has the chance to bite them on the floor, crushing them. However, this attack does not kill them, although they wil be extremely hurt. Injured raptors will not engage in duels, and will always flee.

Note: If you cannot get this duel to work, make sure your raptors have actually formed a pack. When you first bring them out of the hatchery, they will not pack until they've made their first kill.
Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick

>Raptor Jeep Chase

Rather than just fleeing from a landcruiser, raptors will now interact with it. They will chase it, and bark at it, then run away. Basically, it's their new toy!

Note: Raptors will never actually harm the landcruiser in any way

Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick

>Hill Climbing Mod

Different dinosaurs can now climb further up hills than others. An easy escape idea for a small herbivore
Author: Screaming_Eagle

>Large Carn and Raptor Fence

This modification makes raptors and large carnivores a lot harder to keep! They will now attack fences periodically, testing them for weaknessess. They don't like being caged up! 
With this modification, make sure you test your fences regularly, otherwise you could have a major escape epidemic on your hands. Those security cameras and sentry turrets suddenly seem like a good idea, don't they?
Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick

>Dinosaur Sleeping Modification

Now your dinosaurs will be a lot more wary about where they sleep. They will now seek the cover of trees before they lie down. Sleeping out in the open is very risky, and they will only do it if they have no other choice, or are so tired, they literally fall asleep where they are standing.
Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick and Melea Lord

>Allosaur Territory Duels

The Allosaurs are now like any other large carnivore. They are territorial, and will engage in disputes
Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick

>Ambush Modification

One of the larger modifications, this will add a whole new way for your large carnivores to hunt prey. If there are tree's nearby some unsuspecting prey, there's a chance that your large carnivore will lie down amongst them... waiting patiently for prey to wander close enough. If it does, the large carnivore will spring from it's hiding place, and attack it's prey.
Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick

>Terrain Modifications

Completely changes your terrain to give a more jungle-like theme. The foliage is thicker and the textures and colours refined. The water colour on lower terrain levels has also been changed. No more illuminous bright blue water
Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick

>Sneaky Modification

Large carnivores are now cleverer than before when seeking prey. If there are trees nearby, they will use them as cover when approaching prey, hiding them from view
Author: Melea Lord

>Dead Prey Swallow

Instead of just pulling meat of out small dead carcasses, large carnivores will now grab them off the floor and swallow them whole
Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick


Large Carnivores will now sniff the air at different intervals while hunting, to give the impression of tracking
Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick

>Raptor Stress

Raptors will no longer rampage easily. They are supposed to be intelligent creatures, and it made no sense for them to go crazy all the time. However, when they do rampage, they are now a lot more deadly.
Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick

>People Grab

Visitors will no longer just stand still, waiting for a large carnivore to sniff them, and then eat them. They will now flee immediatly, and the large carnivores will have to chase them down
Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick

>Alberto Upgrade

The Alberto has been moved up the foodchain. All other small carnivores will now be scared of it
Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick

>Raptor Sneaky Modification

Same as the sneaky modification, but now with raptors too
Author: Melea Lord

>Large Carn Warn

Large Carnivores are very territorial, and they now have a chance of geting into fights over food. If a large carnivore has killed or found a a meal, it will check it's surroundings. If there's something it doesn't like, or if it wants to be left in peace, it will roar, trying to scare away anything that's nearby. If a dinosaur gets too close, there's a chance that the large carnivore might even chase it off, before returning to it's food.

Also, this modification makes large carnivores picky about their food... that is, if they're not starving or injured. A large carn might be about to eat a Parasaur... but suddenly see's an Edmonto wandering past. There's a large chance the large carnivore might abandon it's food, choosing instead to hunt down and kill the edmonto!

Large Carnivores need their fun too!

Updated for GEPv2: Allo's, Carchar's and Acro's will now also take part in this activity!

Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick

>Herb Groups

Herbivores used to scatter about the island. They really had no preference as to who they were with as long as it was a herbivore. Yes, they used to pack, but different packs used to mingle together, and they probably had nothing to do with eachother in real life. Now, herbivores tend to stick with their own little 'friend' groups.
Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick

>Ultra Social

Herbivores will now lie down and rest while socialising, calling to other members of their herd. This has also been implemented into some large carnivores.
Author: Melea Lord

>Dino Speed Variation

Dinosaurs will walk and run during play at different speeds for more variety.
Author: Melea Lord

>Sneeze Mod

All dinosaurs now have the ability to sneeze during idle mode.
Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick

>Raptor DeathDuel

Raptors will randomly duel with eachother. Rarely, this will result in a fight to the death.

During idle mode, there's a chance that one raptor will target another in it's pack and pounce on it. Think of it as a play fight. Like young predators such as lions do in the wild. It's just praticing their hunting abilities, and it will hardly hurt the attacked raptor.

The raptor who attacked will then back away from the fallen raptor, waiting for it to get up so they face eachother. The attacker will then bark playfully at it's opponent. The opponent, will give a disgruntled hiss in response, and then they will both run away from eachother, and then the pack's activities will continue as normal. No hard feelings.

However.... sometimes.... it can be taken too far....

Rather than run away after the final hiss, both raptors will hiss together at eachother. This means, that they mean business. Both are quite annoyed at eachother. It will then turn deadly. One of them will leap onto the other, this time either injuring it, or actually killing it.
Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick

>Beat SW Migration

Creates random movement in many files to prevent migration to the South West of the map
Author: Melea Lord

>Hill Mod

Activates an extra terrain tool which creates small flat hills. An unused feature not put into the final game
Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick

>Seek Redone

While attacking/hunting, dinosaurs are forced to face their target, making a much more effective attack.
Author: Melea Lord

>Muster Special Attack

The original deathduel attack sequences have now been added to the muster file, which basically means they have an increased chance of occuring.
Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick

>Raptor Age Restrictions and Experience Recording

Younger Raptors will not hunt as pack. They learn to hunt as a pack with age.
Author: Melea Lord

>Stalking Modification

Large Carnivores will now stalk their prey.
Basically, if there are trees nearby and a large carn is quite far away from it's target, it will seek towards the trees, face the prey, and stand still. It will then stalk the prey, slowly moving forward to get closer. When it gets too close or prey has seen it, it will attack.
Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick

>Flee Improved

Fleeing dinosaurs will now constantly reacquire the nearest threat and flee from it, rather than just acquiring one threat and running straight from it, into another. Also, sight values have been increased so now prey can spot predators from further away.
Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick

>Dilo Paralysis

Dilophosaurus are now quite dangerous. Now, when they attack prey, the spit slowly paralysizes the opponent, causing it to collapse and fall into comatose. The Dilo can then either decide to finish it off or leave it to die.
Author: Melea Lord

>Raptor Join Request

Raptors will now 'request' a place in a pack. They will run upto a member of the pack, and bark at it. If the opponent ignores it, for example, if it is hunting, then the joinee will chase the raptor barking until it gives the raptor attention. Once it has it's attention, it will bark again, and the other raptor will hiss in response.
Author: Eternal_rocker_Chick

>Sound Tweaks

Minor tweaks to the ambient sounds. They are now much louder, and really help absorb you in the feel of a jungle. 
Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick

>New Terrain Edits

The grass has now been replaced with dark lush ferns. All the sky textures for high terrain have also been replaced with higher quality ones. The medium terrain texture has also been replaced with a highly detailed one.
Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick

>Hunger Thought

When carnivores are scared, they would ignore all other needs and just try to escape the aggressor until they died. Now, they actually think for themselves. If a T-Rex approaches a Trike, and it's not hungry at all, it will most likely flee. It would have nothing to gain from the fight. However, if it was hungry, it will now hunt that Trike down! 

This works for all Carnivores, including Raptors and Dilo's.
Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick and Melea Lord

>Attack Variation for Large Carns

Large carns can now knock small prey to the ground and then grab it in their mouth simultanously. They can also ram medium prey, causing it health damage and to recoil slightly. They can then finish it off with a bite if it's close enough, otherwise the prey can escape.
Author: Melea Lord

>Large Carn Territory Duel Revamp

Very varied duel behaviour, with different outcomes
Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick and Melea Lord

>Speed Mod

Dinosaur speeds have been made more accurate according to sources and modern day animals.
Author: Melea Lord

>Improved Raptor Flee

Now if raptors are faced with a large threat in the shape of a dinosaur and are enclosed in with fences, they will attack the fences to try and escape.
Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick

>Shading Modification

Improves the visual shading element of the game. Improves realism. Medium terrain values suggested by Triceraptor Rex.
Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick

>Predator Need Decreased

Predator Need of all carnivores has been decreased slightly
Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick

>Dino Scared Needs

Now when confronted with fear, carnivores and herbivores will take into account their thirst. If the threat is moderately far away, a source of water is near and they are thirsty, they will quickly stop to take a drink. If the threat gets too close, they will stop drinking annd continue fleeing. This gives the attacker an oppurtunity to sneak up on the prey. This also greatly reduces the amount of malnutrition releated deaths. Herbivores will also take into consideration their hunger value
Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick

>Wake Up Roar

A large carn shall sometimes rise from it's slumber to scare away nearby dinosaurs. They can do the same while drinking and eating. This can lead to territory disputes between large carnivores of any variation. 
Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick and Melea Lord

>Mist Effects

Another graphical enhancement. Adds a 'mist' effect to the terrain in the distance. 
Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick

>Sleep With Friends

Herds will now seek out each other to sleep together.
Author: Melea Lord

>Last Attempt Mod

After prey has been dealt a final blow and is knocked to the ground, it now has a chance that it will try to get back to it's feet, but fail and fall back down again.
Author: Eternal_Rocker_Chick

>Junção com o Pack The Lost World

Já que antes de eu baixar o GEP, eu tinha o The Lost World Pack, e então, quando você criar uma ilha, poderá ter os dinos do The Lost World Pack, como o Barionix, Compsognato, Skins do Tiranossauro e do Velociraptor, etc.

>Minha Isla Nublar

Nesse pacote, vem todas as ilhas que eu criei e as que ja vieram no download, inclusive a minha Isla Nublar. O defeito da Isla Nublar é que o Land Cruiser não pega.

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